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Solar Services

Welcome to Blanco Electric, where innovation meets sustainability. Our Solar Services are designed to harness the power of the sun, providing you with reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy solutions. With over four years of expertise in the electrical services market, we bring excellence and reliability to every solar project we undertake.

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Site Assessment

Assessment of the project to verify the viability of integrating solar systems, including considerations such as sunlight availability, roof orientation, shading analysis, and space prerequisites for the installation.

Design & Sizing

Tailored energy systems designed according to your specific requirements, encompassing factors like system capacity and layout, while considering both energy consumption patterns and budgetary constraints.


Guarantee adherence to local building codes, zoning regulations, and utility interconnection prerequisites, while obtaining the essential permits and approvals.

Fernando and his team at Blanco Electric are the best! Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They are easy to get in contact with and do business with. I would recommend them to any friend or client!

Robb Walters

Image by Troy Bridges
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