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Discovery Ridge Townhomes with Superior Views

In the first quarter of this year, Hall-Irwin completed the Discovery Ridge Townhomes in Superior, CO. These 10 luxury duplexes sit atop an elevated ridge of real estate and feature triple-decker porches to enjoy prime views of the town below, not to mention the Boulder Flatirons and snowy peaks beyond. Built in succession as they went under contract, each townhome boasts a variety of custom finishes including steam showers, hardwood flooring, high-end appliances and fixtures, finished basements with wet bars, freestanding soaker tubs, and stone-ensconced gas fireplaces.

Due to the hill’s original slope and very poor soils, extreme measures were taken to ensure these homes remain uncompromised for many decades to come. Namely, we conducted 20 feet of over-excavation and soil processing, replacing the last five feet with imported structural fill for increased stability. Soil compaction tests were conducted every eight inches, deep pilasters and footers reinforced the foundations, and the sureness of each concrete slab was confirmed over the course of two years.

These highly sought-after homes were constructed under a Cost-Plus contract with Aweida Properties, Inc, over the last four years--a timetable significantly longer than originally planned due to the COVID pandemic and subsequent material shortages. But our team persevered through a variety of obstacles, not the least of which was the Marshall Fire in December 2021, which tried to add these homes to the hundreds of others it destroyed, razing the neighboring townhomes not 30 feet from our last duplex. We obtained the final Certificates of Occupancy in February and will conduct 12 months of warranty work as needed.

The client and new residents were pleased with the final product, which has become a model of what makes this Denver suburb truly Superior.

"We were very pleased with Hall Irwin’s professionalism and communication throughout our residential 20 townhome project. We jointly worked through difficult and unforeseeable issues such as site conditions, Covid, and the Marshall Fire to name a few. But through it all, Hall-Irwin found ways to keep the project on track even with their own internal staff changes. I would hire them again if we were to have another large project." - Aweida Properties, Inc.


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